General Questions

The monthly flat-rate fee includes everything with the exception of fuel and foreign toll fees. No hidden fees – promised!

As soon as you are 20 years old and have a driver’s license that is valid in Switzerland, you can sign a Subscription Agreement.

You must have a recognized credit standing and have no bankruptcies nor certificates of unpaid debt. If your credit standing is insufficient, the fees for the Car Subscription are to be paid in full before vehicle handover.

Yes, provided the driver is at least 20 years old and in the possession of a driver’s license valid in Switzerland.

The vehicle can be picked up in 5608 Stetten or we can deliver it to an address of your choice.

If we are sent a traffic fine, we will pass on your name and address to the authorities. The police will then contact you directly. If you were not driving the vehicle at the time of the violation, you can send the traffic fine back to the police and report the actual driver of the vehicle.

Of course, companies can also book a Car Subscription.

Subscribtion duration

Yes. You can take out the car subscription for just 4 or 14 months. The price depends on the last discount level.
For example, if you book 4 months, you pay the monthly price of a 3-month subscription. If you subscribe for 15 months, the discount level of 12 months will count.

No. The contract is concluded for a fixed term. We will contact you early enough to discuss a possible contract extension.


The vehicle will be registered in your canton of residence upon request without additional cost. You will be registered as the driver and can easily order a parking permit for the “blue zone” if needed.

Yes, you will receive exactly the car you see on the picture. If there are several cars of the same model, you can even choose the color, if it is available.

Yes, you will be instructed by our qualified staff. If necessary, you can test drive under supervision.

Not necessarily. The vehicle can be serviced in any dealership of your choice. Contact us when the service date approaches, and we will discuss the further procedure with you.

A tire change is not necessary, as the vehicles are standardly equipped with premium all-weather tires.

New vehicles that have been registered during the warm season will be equipped with summer tires. The tires will be changed in the fall.

For longer Car Subscription periods summer and winter tires are available, which can be given to the customer if needed.

If you need roadside assistance within Switzerland (TCS), call 0800 827 272. For roadside assistance in Europe (TCS), call and +41 (0)58 827 27 22. In the event of lengthy repair work, please contact us at +41 (0)79 622 08 36 so that we can organize a replacement vehicle for you immediately.

In the event of an accident or parking damage, you must fill in the blue accident form that is stored in the glove compartment. You must also take pictures of and at the accident site. If the person who caused the accident or damage cannot be ascertained, or it is not clear who caused the accident or damage, you must immediately contact the police. The Renter must report the accident to Awesome Rental Cars within the next 24 hours. If the vehicle cannot be driven or violates against traffic regulations, please contact us immediately by phone +41 (0) 56 535 25 06.

The vehicle must be returned with a full tank. For vehicles with diesel engines you must provide the receipt for the last fuel bill.

The vehicle must be returned in a cleaned condition (car washed and vacuumed).

A rule of thumb is: You should return the vehicle in the condition that you received it.

That depends on the vehicle that you had in your subscription. Contact us well in advance to discuss your options.

Insurance Coverage

Included in the monthly subscription fee.
Deductible per claim for Drivers under the age of 25: CHF 1000.-.
Deductible per claim for Drivers over the age of 25: CHF 500.-.

Included in the monthly subscription fee. Deductible in case of damage: CHF 500.-.

Included in the monthly subscription fee. The deductible in case of damage is individually selectable: CHF 500.- / 1000.- / 1500.-.

Parking Damage Coverage can be bought separately. Deductible in case of damage is CHF 0.- per claim. A maximum of 2 cases of damages per calendar year are insured.

Insurance for gross negligence can be bought separately.

In the event that no insurance was taken out, the claims by the insurance company due to gross negligence will be charged in full to the driver of the vehicle.


Yes, the total mileage will be settled at the end. In the case of excessive excess mileage, we are entitled to interim billing during the car subscription period.

Yes. If the car subscription is longer than 6 months, you can adjust the mileage for the following months. A new total mileage will then apply over for the entire contract period.

Every extra kilometer in every category costs CHF 0.30/km.

Contract and Invoice

You send us an inquiry via the website then we will contact you immediately by email or phone. After a positive credit check and some other details like the pick up/drop off time, you will receive the contract duly signed from our side by email or by mail if you prefir.

No. You only have to pay one month in advance.

Yes, the deposit is CHF 750.-. Payment is to be made at the latest at car pick-up by Maestro or PostFinance card or in advance. After the return of the undamaged vehicle, the deposit will be returned to you immediately by bank transfer.

No. You do not need a credit card.

No. You only pay one month in advance.

No. The contract is concluded for a fixed term. We will contact you early enough to discuss a possible contract extension.

The minimum subscription period is 3 months. For a shorter rental duration please visit our other website

The monthly fee must be transferred in advance to the designated account. We recommend that you open a standing order.

Driving Abroad

Yes, you may. Driving in the following countries is permitted and covered by insurance: Countries in the European Union, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia and Turkey.

The insurance coverage is the same as in Switzerland. The coverage can be individually selected and is part of the rental contract.