Ownership and Power of Disposition

Awesome Rental Cars provides the customer with the vehicle for use for the duration of the contract. During the entire term of the contract and service period, Awesome Rental Cars remains the owner of the vehicle and can dispose of it alone, unless the vehicle was financed by a bank/leasing. During the entire term of the contract, the lease-financed vehicle remains under the ownership of the lease-financing bank, which provides the lease-financed vehicle to the customer and is (remains) authorized to dispose of it. The customer is instructed and therefore obliged to receive, hold and exercise possession of the lease-financed vehicle exclusively for the lease-financing bank as the owner of the lease-financed vehicle. The customer agrees that the relevant address and contract data may be transmitted to the lease-financing bank/company and acknowledges that the lease-financing bank may disclose the leasing relationship at any time.

Furthermore, Awesome Rental Cars is entitled to perform or have an inspection of the (lease-financed) vehicle performed at any time. The customer is obliged to cooperate and herewith authorizes Awesome Rental Cars irrevocable access to the location of the (lease-financed) vehicle. Should the inspection reveal a conduct contrary to the rental agreement, the customer shall bear the associated expenses.