Accident / Damage / Theft

In the event of an accident or parking damage the blue accident report deposited in the glove compartment is to be filled in. Photos of the accident site must be taken. If there is any doubt concerning the accident cause, the police must immediately be notified. Any oral or written promises of payment made by the Renter to third parties remain without significance for Awesome Rental Cars. The Renter is obliged to report the accident, the damage, or the theft to Awesome Rental Cars within 24 hours. If a Renter does not report an incurred damage within this period or if he tries to cover up a damage or tries to deny the damage, although he has caused the damage, he is liable for any occurred disadvantages to Awesome Rental Cars. Awesome Rental Cars is not liable for any delays and follow-up costs resulting from an accident or a theft.
In the case of a total damage, an excessive number of damage claims or a theft, Awesome Rental Cars is entitled to terminate the contract without notice.